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A mineable Block Chain based digital currency for the electronic music community.

So what is LINX?

At its core Linx is a crypto currency, like Bitcoin, which can be used as a store and transfer of wealth. We are aiming to make it one of the simplest and most enjoyable digital currencies to use by introducing novel ways of sending and receiving coins.

Linx was designed to be used as an alternative means of payment for the electronic music community, encompassing Artists, Producers, DJs, venues, radio stations, fans, etc. Of course, its use is by no means limited to this market. This is just the beginning!

We are already speaking to leading digital music stores about the future integration of Linx on their platforms. We are developing a software suite that will enable these stores to calculate and display a LINX value priced to the current USD rate at the time of purchase. They will also have the option to weight the price for potential market volatility. Our software can then instantly trade LINX for BTC or other digital currencies at the current market rate.

Main Features


There will only ever be 100,000,000 LINX in existence. The last LINX will be mined around the year 2024.


Offers a much faster transaction time than Bitcoin by using 1 minute block times.

POW Algorithim

LINX uses Scrypt as a proof of work algorithim and can be mined with CPU / GPU and ASIC hardware.


Uses Dark Gravity Wave 3 retargetting to protect the network from multi-pool attacks.

Dev team

A small but dedicated team of developers working constantly to improve the platform.

Open Source

The Linx source code can be viewed and compiled by anybody from our Github repo.


New mining pool launched

As the miners among you will know, the original Linx pool was taken down recently while we worked on installing new software to offer our […]


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You can start using LINX right now on your mobile device with the excellent Coinomi HD Wallet.

Currently available for Android devices and with support coming for iOS as well as native desktop versions, Coinomi is a great way to store and use your LINX on the move.

As it is a multi-coin wallet it can also store a large variety of other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc.

It also includes Shapeshift and Changelly allowing you to convert between altcoins instantly from within the app.

CLICK HERE to get started!

What is Crypto Currency?

If you're totally new to Crypto Currency and BlockChain technology this excellent video will bring you up to speed in 6 minutes!

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Available Supply

105 GH/s




Current Price : 0.00000871 / $0.07 (USD) 0.54%

24hr Volume : $11,731 (USD)

Market Cap : $824,347 (USD)


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